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Creating the ultimate home gym
Maximum results with minimal equipment
by Jennifer Cox
“Eating ice cream and not exercising is great. The downside is your health isn’t so good.”
– Jeff Bridges
It’s imperative that, as we get older,
we engage in some sort of physical
activity. This is especially important if
you enjoy playing certain sports, such
as golf or tennis. Without being in
good physical health, these activities
could do more harm than good – in
fact, they could do the complete
opposite for you and cause injury or
other health-related problems.
Many of us shy away from going to a
gym, and we use the old “I don’t have
enough room in my condo/boat/RV”
excuse for not working out at home.
Well, sorry folks, but I’m about to
quash that defence – all you need are
five basic components of a home gym
to get a full-body workout without
having to convert an entire bedroom
into a fitness centre. With a few
essential tools, you can stay in good
basic condition and take on another
sport or, at the very least, maintain
your physical health.
Here’s what you should have in your
home gym, however modest it is:
Resistance bands
Get a pair of resistance bands that have handles. The resistance bands
without handles are a bit trickier to manoeuvre, so look for ones that
have sturdy plastic handles that are easy to grip and hold onto.
The strength-training exercises that you can do with resistance bands
include a series of pushes and pulls to work out your legs, arms and core.
Do a number of reps with each workout.
Adjustable dumbbell set
Having a series of individually weighted
dumbbells would work too, but now you can
find great adjustable sets that can increase or
decrease in weight with the simple twist of a
dial. It’s an incredibly useful tool for something
so compact. Buy a set that goes up to 50
pounds, which should be more than enough
for you to do a number of exercises. Use the
dumbbells to work out your core, legs and
upper body…all with one set of weights.
A good yoga mat can
be found anywhere and
is essential to your at-
home regimen. It can
be easily rolled up and
stored, and is ideal for any
floor exercises as well as
stretching (and, of course,
yoga), core conditioning
and more. Find a mat in a
vibrant colour or pattern
that you like.