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hen Joan and I left Florida in
the middle of April, it was 83
degrees Fahrenheit…when we
arrived back in Ontario, it was 2 degrees
Celsius…and three days later, I woke up
to find three inches of snow on my car
(and me without a snow brush). What a
shock, and it didn’t get much better for
the rest of April. However, I hope that
we are now going to get the good old
Canadian summer with lots of sunshine.
During the winter months, your directors
and their spouses were guest speakers
at breakfast, luncheon and dinner meet-
ings across the southern United States.
As a result of these meetings, we now
have more than 80,000 members and
are growing. If you know of someone
who travels out of their province and is
not yet a member, encourage them to
join – there is strength in numbers.
We started the summer with our May
board meeting at which we discussed
such things as what the directors did
during the winter and what they have
planned for the summer months. I can
assure you that they will all be very busy
working on your behalf. We also dis-
cussed the ongoing advocacy work of
the association, both in Canada and the
United States.
In May, Joan and I attended the Probus
(Professional Business Men’s Club)
meeting in Aurora, Ontario, where I
spoke about the advocacy work of the
association and the benefits of purchas-
ing Medipac travel insurance. This was
a lively meeting with many questions.
These meetings are very educational
for travellers and beneficial to the CSA;
if you know of a group, (perhaps a com-
pany retirement group) which would
like a guest speaker at NO CHARGE, call
the office and arrange for one of our
directors to attend and speak about the
Later in May, Joan and I attended the
Ontario Provincial Police Veterans
45th annual general meet-
ing – this was also the 40th anniversary
of policewomen in the OPP. I was able
to update the retired officers about
the work of the CSA and the benefit of
purchasing Medipac travel insurance.
This was a very special meeting, as
commissioner Chris Lewis was retiring
and new Commissioner Vince Hawkes
was taking over. As well, two other past
commissioners Tom O’Grady and Gwen
Boniface were in attendance; this is the
first time that four OPP commission-
ers have attended a meeting. Everyone
wished commissioner Lewis a happy and
well-deserved retirement and welcomed
Commissioner Hawkes. The entertain-
ment for the final-night banquet was
provided by Jimmy Flynn, who had
everyone laughing, and he even got
his wife Sylvia up on stage to sing. I am
proud to be a lifetime member of the
We are now looking forward to the
Lifestyle meetings being held in Eastern
Canada and in Ontario. If you have not
attended one of these meetings, you
should make every effort to attend one
in your area and to bring along some
friends. The shows are FREE and provide
both information and entertainment.
Remember, the U.S. border patrol and
Canada Customs have now linked their
computers – when you enter the United
States, the information is immediately
entered into the Canada Customs com-
puters. They know exactly what date you
crossed into the U.S. and what date you
must be back in Canada. If you overstay
your allotted time, you could be banned
from entering the United States for a
minimum of three years. At the present
time, you are allowed to be in the United
States for up to 182 days, but this is at
the discretion of the border guards, so
remember to treat them with respect
and have a smooth crossing.
Keep well and enjoy life. Joan and I look
forward to seeing many of you in
the coming winter season.
Gerry Brissenden
CSA Past President
Travels of
Gerry and Joan
Four OPP Commissioners. L to R: Tom O’Grady,
Vince Hawkes, Gwen Boniface, Gerry and
Chris Lewis.
Snowbird Seminar
A lot of great information in an hour!
If you would like a CSA Director to
conduct a Snowbird Seminar at your
Park or Community Center this winter
please contact us.