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…that we are getting, on average, a little younger, a little
more educated and a little richer, and that we
consider ourselves to be quite happy and healthy.
Despite all the media talk of recessions,
bad border crossings and a lower dollar,
these things have all proven to be of
little relevance to us. Our travel patterns
remain almost identical to our last survey.
We again, on average, travel for four to six
months and take three to four days to get to
our Southern destination. As we age, we tend
to spend a little longer in the South and the dollar/
recession/border issues have caused fewer than 5%
of us to change our plans in any way. About one-
third of us had a little more difficulty at the border,
but that could be due to the new rules which the border
guards are still working to understand. We expect it to be
easier this upcoming year.
Almost 90% of you encouraged other snowbirds to join
the CSA, but 63% have not attended even one of our
many events. What a shame! You are missing wonderful
entertainment, an opportunity to meet old (and new)
friends, and important information about every aspect
of being a snowbird. Sixty-four per cent of you have NOT
contributed to the CSA’s Special Action Fund, so don’t you
think that it may be time to help out those who work so
hard to help you?
We were surprised to learn that only 15% had applied for
a Nexus card. This can ease any border crossing and is very
useful at airports to avoid the huge lineups. The Form 8840
is filed by more than 50% of snowbirds and perhaps this
is a wake-up call to those who don’t. Fighting with the IRS
will be much more onerous than filling out a form once a
year. Please just do it, if you are a long-stay snowbird.
The satisfying statistic, to us, is that 92% of survey
respondents would recommend Medipac for travel
insurance. This is a huge endorsement of our products
and services and we thank you so much. In the past 10
years, 48% have had a travel insurance claim (we already
knew that, of course) and 95% have had a satisfactory, or
better, claims experience. More than 50% said that their
claims experience was “Excellent,” so there is still room for
improvement; but we are happy that these people had
an excellent experience at such a stressful time. There is
still a small percentage of people (8%) who travel without
insurance and my guess is that this is due to the expense.
This is a false saving, so please, please get your travel
insurance, otherwise you should only travel within Canada.
Newspapers are still our primary source of news, but
the Internet is quickly increasing for other news, health
research (be careful) and communications with our
relatives. The number of credit card holders collecting
frequent user points has also risen dramatically and online
purchasers have increased from very few to more than
50%. It IS a different world, but we are adapting very
well. Our health is improving, too, as 92% of us consider
our health to be good to excellent! Perhaps that is partly
because 58% of us are playing golf; that’s a huge increase
from the last survey.
I should point out that there is a bias to our survey, in that
it only represents the thoughts and wishes of those who
chose to fill it out. The number of respondents is, however,
very high when compared to other surveys and we believe
our answers to be statistically very accurate…and our
snowbird lifestyles ARE the best. You just proved that
with your responses!
And the Survey Says…