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Looking for a new hobby?
Consider joining a swimming club.
Swimming is likely one of the best
all-around workouts that you can do.
Not only is it great help for strength-
building and heart health, it can also
help in your efforts to stay trim. And if
you get involved in a swimming club,
you just may find yourself with a fun
new circle of like-minded friends, too.
There’s no denying all of the positive
impacts of swimming. An article
plains that
durance; in
a study of sedentary middle-aged
men and women who did swim
training for 12 weeks, maximal oxygen
consumption improved by 10% and
stroke volume (the amount of blood
pumped with each beat, which
indicates heart strength) improved by
as much as 18%.
Another article in “Women’s Health”
cites that researchers at Indiana
University compared recreational-
fitness swimmers with non-swimmers
and found that swimmers of all ages
had more lean muscle and trimmer
waists and hips too…an easy swim
burns around 500 calories an hour
while a vigorous effort can torch
almost 700.
Swimming is also fantastic for sore
joints and for those who suffer from
arthritis because, when a person is in
water, they’re virtually weightless. The
water provides resistance, but with
zero impact. There’s really no other
form of exercise that can do this.
While it can often be hard to get
started on a workout regimen solo,
a swimming club is a terrific way to
stay motivated and meet new people.
Swimming clubs usually get together
on a regular basis at both indoor and
outdoor pools, and can also be sought
out through community centres. If
your swimming skills aren’t as honed
as you’d like, it’s never too late to take
a few classes – you can find adult
swimming lessons for all skill levels in
most cities.
Set some goals for yourself. Although
you may start in one of the slower
lanes when you begin your swimming
training, strive to increase the number
of laps per session and how quickly
you do those laps, as well as trying
different types of swimming, from
breaststroke to backstroke. When
you see yourself overcoming new
challenges, you’ll be that much more
inclined to continue in your swimming
Also, consider making your swimming
club about more than just the
swimming – spending time in such
close proximity (in the pool) with
your fellow swimmers can definitely
foster new relationships and support
networks. Go for a healthy power
breakfast or lunch after your meet.
Or, maybe, venture into even more
activities with your new friends, such
as cycling or tennis. A swimming club
presents a great opportunity to not
only get physically fit, but to expand
your own personal horizons too.
All in all, swimming zeroes in on every
part of the body, from cardiovascular
health to core strengthening, all
without impact to the body, meaning
lower risk of injury. Combined with
a healthy diet, an exercise routine
that includes swimming can help
you reduce the risk of illness and can
actually reverse the symptoms of
certain diseases. Plus, you just may
make some new friends. So suit up!
You’ll be glad that you did.
by Jennifer Cox