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Simplifying the
by Andrew Moore-Crispin
Many years from now, historians will look back
at the smartphone as a pivotal piece of the tech-
nology of our time.
Said differently: If the mainframe computer is to
the digital revolution as the steam engine was
to the industrial revolution, the smartphone is
to the former as the personal automobile was to
the latter.
Think about this for a second: A mere 15 years
ago, you could carry a portable CD player, a vid-
eo camera, a still camera, a typewriter, a portable
DVD player, a voice recorder and many more
gadgets and still only scratch the surface of what
today’s smartphones can do.
All that is to say, perhaps you want to get a
smartphone, if you haven’t already done so.
Using my own lovely mother as the foundation
for this sweeping, quite possibly unfair gener-
alization (hi, mum!), if you don’t have a smart-
phone already, it’s for one of these three reasons:
want it
need it
Translation: I wouldn’t know
how to use it
Translation: Mobile data plans
are too confusing/expensive
Translation: None required. I’m
pretty sure that this one’s literal