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Dear Bird Talk,

We are planning on going to Mexico next Jan. leaving from the

U.S. We will be there for 31 days. Can we take those days off

and use them for an Alaskan cruise in the summer of 2016?

Sandy Jean-Louis

Manotick, ON

Ed.: Absolutely! An absence from the U.S. for more than

30 days is not counted by U.S. Immigration in your six-

month allotment.

Dear Bird Talk,

I understand that the eight-month option is before congress

again, but I was told by someone that it will only apply to

immigration and not to IRS. IRS will still restrict us to 183

days. Does not seem to make sense. Do you have any comment

on that?

Joseph Hanzelka

Oshawa, ON

Ed.: Do not listen to some of these crazy negative rumours

out there. Often, they are spread by insurance competi-

tors trying to undermine CSA. CSA already has verbal

approval from both INS and the IRS that taxes will not be

collected from people with the Snowbird Visa. The IRS

also indicated that they would simply amend the Form

8840 to “resolve” the problem.

Dear Bird Talk,

We are filling out the form 8840 for the first time and do not

remember the exact dates for the last three years. How accurate

do we have to be? Would it be a problem if the dates were a few

days off?

Kathy Aubrey

Cobourg, ON

Ed.: As a first-timer, I would put in the closest dates which

you think are correct and add a little note saying that you

were not certain of the dates in prior years. Keep track of

these dates in the future.

Dear Bird Talk,

I read your article about the gentleman who was stopped at

Newark because of an old DUI for which he had a Canadian

pardon. The offence was from 32 years earlier, but he would

require an American waiver. I was alarmed, as we travel to

the states frequently and my husband had a DUI in 1975, for

which he also received a Canadian pardon years ago. I made

enquiries about obtaining an American waiver and I was told

that this is not necessary – the DUI would certainly not be

held against him. He intimated that the other person likely had

other issues which would prevent his entry. So could you verify

the facts here. I am still feeling uneasy about this.

Anne C.

Hamilton, ON

Ed.: The prior Bird Talk writer was explaining his experi-

ence at the border and we obviously believe it to be

correct. Our point was that individual border guards have

substantial control over your entry and length of stay.

Having one DUI will probably not be a major issue, as we

have staff who have crossed the border many, many times

with just such a record, without any problems. You should

certainly not worry about this, but I would carry a copy of

the pardon with me when I travelled. The DUI conviction

is just an excuse for a cranky border guard to deny entry,

and he can! Unfortunately, he could deny you entry even

without the DUI conviction. Just be nice and respectful to

them and you should be fine.

Dear Bird Talk,

Our names are Pat and Brian Irving and we are writing about

an item in the spring 2015 Issue 94, under “CSA President’s

Award Honourees” page 46, beside our photo that recognizes

the terrific honour bestowed on us, which states; “Pat and

Brian Irving held a charity fundraiser.” We really appreciate

that the three fallen RCMP officers were mentioned in the CSA

magazine; however, I would like very much to clarify your

statement. While it is true that the idea for the RCMP Memor-

ial Golf Event came from us, it was only after presenting

our idea to the other members of the Royal Oaks Golf and

Residential Community Association – and with their support

– that our idea and the golf tournament grew from there. The

event was organized by a large group of dynamic committee

members and volunteers, who worked non-stop from June 4



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