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until July 30 (just eight weeks) to ensure that the day would

be outstanding and memorable for all involved. At the end

of the day, this Memorial Golf Tournament raised more than

$385,000 dollars for the RCMP Foundation. If you would like

more information about this event, go to Facebook and type in

“Codiac RCMP Memorial Golf Tournament.”

We feel it important to recognize that it was an effort which

was put forth by a large number of people in our community

and feel the need to make that clear to readers, as well as to

congratulate these devoted folks who worked so hard to make

the difference.

Thanking you respectfully,

Pat and Brian Irving

Moncton, NB

Ed.: Every great idea needs many people to implement

it properly. Congratulations to everyone involved for an

incredible job.

Dear Bird Talk,

Is the potential “Retiree Visa” for Canadian citizens or Can-

adian residents? The root of my question is, if a person was a

Canadian citizen but a resident of Costa Rica or Panama (as an

example), would they be able to spend eight months in the U.S.

with a “Canadian Retiree Visa for the U.S.”?

Ehyan Caldwell

Canmore, AB

Ed.: Section 4503 of the JOLT ACT sets out the proposed

criteria for eligibility to obtain the “Retiree Visa.” One

requirement is that the person maintain a residence in

Canada. What this means would be defined by regulations

to be created after the passage of the bill by the U.S.

Congress and Senate. Conceivably, one could have a

“residence” in more than one country. Until the regulations

are passed, an accurate answer cannot be given. At first

blush, the answer would appear to be “no,” but there are


Featuring the letters &

concerns of our members


Bird Talk, c/o CSANews

180 Lesmill Road

Toronto, Ontario M3B 2T5

or by e-mail:

Bird Talk

Dear Bird Talk,

On me dit que dans le budget Harper, on aurait apporter des

changements pour les séjours de longue durée aux États-

Unis, de quatre mois au lieu de six mois. Vrai ou faux?

Daniel Gouvrette

Mirabel, QC


I am told that in the Harper budget, it would

make changes for long-term stays in the United States, four

months instead of six months. True or false?

Dear Bird Talk,

I recently heard that the Quebec government is thinking of

reducing our six-month stay to four months. Is there any

truth to this?

Louise Inhaber

Ste. Agathe Des Monts, QC

Ed.: We felt that these two letters should be answered

together. The Harper budget will have nothing to do

with length-of-stay issues, ever. So – FAUX (false). The

federal government delegated those decisions to the

provinces and each individual province and territory has

total control over its own residency regulations. CSA

has fought several provinces on exactly this issue and

they have won every time, so far. There is a possibility

that Quebec is looking at their residency requirements

again, hoping to find more tax revenue. This is ridicu-

lous, as snowbirds still pay all of their taxes even while

they are away. There is a small loss in gas and HST

taxes, but these are far outweighed by the huge savings

in medical care and reduced usage of infrastructure. My

usual comment on this is that if the government wants

to save money, it should give everyone over age 65 a

free ticket to Florida, or Arizona, or Texas, or…?

We will contact the Quebec government and see if this

is on their formal agenda.