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Story and Photos by

Barb and Ron Kroll

Bermuda offers several ways to sightsee – guided minibus

excursions, walking tours, boat cruises, yacht charters, scenic

plane fights and even Segway tours. Each has its pros and


An alternative not available to us was car rental. Bermuda’s

pristine environment wasn’t invaded by automobiles until

1946, thanks in part to visitors such as Mark Twain and

Woodrow Wilson, who signed a petition in 1908 to forbid

the introduction of horseless carriages. Cars were finally

permitted after the SecondWorldWar, when American navy

personnel arrived. To this day, there is a limit of one car per

family. Rental cars are banned to both maintain air quality

and control traffic congestion.

We considered renting scooters, because they are very

popular with tourists and Bermudians. The idea of purring

along roads bordered with pink hibiscus appealed to our

wanderlust. A couple of rather shaky test drives later, question

marks began haunting our picture-postcard dreams. Would

we feel comfortable driving along narrow, curved roads on

the left-hand side? While there wasn’t a cloud in the sky,

what would we do if a sudden downpour caught us mid-trip?

And, because we planned to sample local foods and drinks

along the way, we realized that driving didn’t mix with Dark

‘n’ Stormy cocktails (Bermuda’s famous drink made from

Gosling’s Black Seal Rum mixed with ginger beer).

Other alternatives? Definitely the most romantic way to

sightsee is by horse‑drawn carriage. Once the only means

of transportation on the island, surreys can be hired for

short tours of the Town of St. George and the Royal Naval

Dockyard. To explore the entire country, we investigated

hiring taxis by the hour, day or mile. All use meters and

charge legally controlled rates. The drivers are invariably

friendly and knowledgeable sources of information about

local attractions, history and customs. Although taxi tours

are comfortable and convenient, they can be expensive,

especially if you’re planning a week of sightseeing.

Discover Bermuda’s pink sand beaches,

pink buildings and pink flowers, while riding its pink buses

Bermuda By

Pink Bus

With its ice cream-coloured buildings, bountiful flowers cascading over stone

walls, pink sand beaches and aquamarine seas, Bermuda is one of the prettiest

places in the world. Measuring just 34 kilometres long and 2.8 kilometres at

its widest point, it is a delight to explore. Less than a three-hour flight from

Toronto, it’s easy to get to this British Overseas Territory.



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