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Featuring the letters &

concerns of our members


Bird Talk, c/o CSANews

180 Lesmill Road

Toronto, Ontario M3B 2T5

or by e-mail:

Bird Talk

Dear Bird Talk,

I know that if you spend a few hours across the border for shopping

or whatever, that is counted as one of the 182 days. However, if you

are only travelling through the U.S. and back into Canada to save

a few miles or avoid bad roads, is that also counted as one day?

Cathy Squier

Sanford, MB

Ed.: It is our understanding that if you are “in transit,” this day

or days will not count against your allotment of six months.

So, if you are doing what you indicated, or picking up a

cruise, or heading to Mexico, these days do not count. BUT,

every border guard has the right to do what he or she wants.

Be respectful, answer questions with short replies and never,

never lie. You will be fine.

Dear Bird Talk,

We are looking into the possibility of a permanent move to the U.S.

We have family who are dual citizens, so they could sponsor us. The

problem is health care, taxes, inheritance, etc. How complicated

is this process and where would I find good information on this

subject. We are retired, so don’t need work visas.

John Ball

New Brunswick

Ed.: None of this is really complicated; it is just a tedious

paper trail. If you leave Canada, you will be taxed on every-

thing you own as if you sold it on the day you leave. Your

health care will be terminated, but you should be able to buy

insurance in the U.S.; your relatives should know the approx-

imate costs. You will become a U.S. resident and you will

have to pay taxes on your “worldwide” income. There is an

inheritance tax of 15%, plus some states will levy more. The

Republicans are saying that this will be repealed and revert

to nothing and, apparently, the White House will sign it. Don’t

hold your breath on that.

Extensive information is available on government websites

both here and in the U.S. Simply search under “immigrating

to the U.S.” and look at the government sites that come up

first. Same with Canada, only search under “emigrating from




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