Cross Border Car Purchasing

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Since I have a condo in Florida, I wonder if I can buy a car there and use it in Canada as my normal car, without having to make any transfer. This means that I would have to immatriculate my car in Florida and get insurance there. Would that be correct for the Canadian authorities?

If it's possible, that would be great because the price of used cars in the U.S. is a whole lot cheaper than in Canada.

Thank you!

Eric Tremblay

Response :
Ed: I would suggest that you buy the car in Florida and leave it there. If you bring it back to Canada you have, I believe, seven days to register it here AND pay the taxes. AND you have an import process to deal with.

This can all be done fairly easily, but the best option is a U.S. car and a Canadian car, although the second could be purchased in the U.S. Have a look at the Buick "Olympic" SUVs. They are loaded with very few miles and are about $41,000 now. A little expensive, but a very good deal for what you get.

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