Snowbird Extravaganza for "Mature Lifestyles"

Spring 2010 CSANews Issue 74  |   Posted date : May 27, 2010.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Re: Snowbird Extravaganza

You are billing it as being for "mature lifestyles." What does that mean? Senior citizens? Or do you mean mature audiences – as in filthy language?

I'm bringing my 84-year-old mom. We are both Christians and would be offended by anything for 'mature audiences'. Please explain.

B. King

Response :
Ed: This is our best question yet.

Our shows are for everyone and you can bring the kids, too. Over the years, we have had one or two comedians, out of dozens of entertainers, who have told an off-colour joke and we have reprimanded them. If they do it again, we fire them. You will love our shows and I will look into why we are billing it as for 'mature lifestyles."

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