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We have just joined and find the snowbird site interesting. We are going to be buying a mobile home in a 55+ park in Las Vegas. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of Bird Talk from Nevada. But we have some basic questions to help us get started. Any info you can provide would be appreciated.

Is there anything special about Nevada/Las Vegas state or municipal issues we should be aware of?

How do you handle the forwarding of mail from our home address?

After reading many of the comments, we are still confused on the length of time we can be in the U.S. Is it six months?

What experiences have people had regarding cellphones and cellphone plans?

What are the best options for handling the transfer of funds to buy the place we decide on?

I see mention of a visa. Is there a requirement for a visa? I think that will help get us started.

David and Judy Bradford
Sherwood Park, AB

Response :
Ed: From the top, simplifed version: You can spend six months in the United States each year and a visa is not required. You are automatically granted a verbal visa at the border when they allow you to enter the U.S., although they do have the right to bar your entry or shorten your visit, so be respectful. Every cellphone plan is a little diferent, but we call our carrier before we leave and tell them that we need coverage in the U.S. They will usually have a plan extension available for a fee.

Transferring funds is best accomplished through the CSA’s Currency Exchange program, but you will need a U.S.-dollar bank account – in the U.S. – to do that. I highly recommend setting up a U.S. bank account and using it to pay all of your U.S. bills, including your purchases. I personally use a Wells Fargo debit card for most purchases. I also transfer money from Canada every month to spread out my currency risk. Using a Canadian credit card in any foreign country will get very expensive, so use them only as a last resort.

That’s a start! Now, come to our shows and speak to the CSA directors and volunteers; they have been "snowbirding" for years and love to share their experiences. That’s the best advice.

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