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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk:

I owe you a big thank you. Two years ago, AT&T was my long-distance server in Florida. They advertised 7cents a minute, and I was charged 70 a minute. I was obligated to pay more than $300.00 US, which I paid in installments.

Last year, CSA was urging your members to pay 7cents. I was annoyed ­ 70 cents could happen to other members too. I phoned your number and you took up my case. Guess what? I was reimbursed a year later.

We must really make sure that AT&T really means 7cents and not 70 cents. Thank you.

Yours truly
R. Theft

Response :
They mean 7cents and they deliver! We have had several complaints on pricing and most are a result of trying to resolve a problem by calling the general AT&T number.

This special deal is through a special AT&T division. To sign up, or fix a problem, simply call 1-800-4-SNOWBIRDS.

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