Registry of Arizona Contractors

Spring 2014 CSANews Issue 90  |   Posted date : May 12, 2014.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,
In Arizona, snowbirds are non-primary residents and are classed as category 4 subsection 1 for property taxes, which excludes us from protection from licensed trades that go bankrupt, and from making a claim through the Registry of Arizona Contractors to their Recovery Fund. This requires a classification of 3 (primary residence). So we have no recourse for delinquent, licensed trades, even though we pay higher taxes and spend a lot of money here in good times and bad. Buyer beware!
Alec Pedersen
Calgary, AB

Response :
Ed.: This is an FYI. You must be extremely careful when hiring any trades in the United States. Ask for references and call them! Do not deal with door-to-door salespeople, not even charities.

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