Speed taps in New York state

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I wish to warn our fellow travellers about the “speed trap” just before the Canadian border at Gananoque in New York state. The speed sign shows 65 mph then, very soon after, it drops to 40 mph with no warning (i.e. “reduced speed ahead”). I was pulled over last year and given a hefty ticket for speeding, not realizing that it dropped down so soon.

This year, on returning home from Florida, I paid particular attention to the signs and took note of this again. Needless to say, the state trooper was there giving another ticket to an Ontario car.

I hope that this helps others to be aware of their speed in this area.

Helen Walker
Peterborough, ON

Response :
Ed.: This is just another tax on tourists passing through and it is ridiculous. Watch out for similar traps in Georgia as well, and do not go through a red light that has been on for a long time. Big Brother is watching!

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