CANPASS Clarification

Winter 2001 CSANews Issue 41  |   Posted date : Apr 03, 2007.Back to list

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Paul Jenkins, CSA's vice-president, advised us that there has been some misunderstanding of the CANPASS program.

CANPASS is a photo identification card that has been designed primarily for frequent border crossings (i.e. people who live in Canada and work in the U.S., or people in "border towns" who go to the States to shop weekly, or even daily). The pass is used for people RETURNING to Canada and is of little value when entering the U.S.

Currently, the CANPASS is only recognized at a few borders (Whirlpool Bridge, Niagara Falls; the Peace Bridge, Fort Erie/Buffalo; Ambassador Tunnel in Windsor) and one in Quebec (Lacolle).

This may be expanded to other provinces and border points, depending on the success of the pilot project, however, the program has been temporarily suspended due to the events of September 11.

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