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Spring 2002 CSANews Issue 42  |   Posted date : Apr 05, 2007.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Thank you, CSA members and non-members from Canada and Florida, who recently voted us "Your Favourite Volunteers."

When Medipac invited Bob and myself on stage, all we expected was a thank you, some hand-shakes and some hugs; but there was much more ­ a beautiful piece of Canadian memorabilia with special engraving by Artist V. Peltonen. (thanks, Heather, for your part.)

We would like to thank the CSA board members for all their support and encouragement for many years, and give special thanks to the Medipac crew for all your help and support. If you haven't renewed your CSA membership, do so now! We need you!

Maxine & Bob McEwan

Response :
Maxine and Bob were the first recipients of the CSA's new President's Award. Two incredible people whose "lives of volunteerism" set a standard for us all.

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