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Summer 2002 CSANews Issue 43  |   Posted date : Apr 06, 2007.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Some time ago, when you started a puzzle page, I wrote you and asked if you or your readers, had a copy of a puzzle "who owns the tiger". And now here it is, "who owns the fish", changed but the same puzzle.

It took me about 20 minutes to get the houses in order and about 5 hours to figure out who owned the fish. (I should mention I had stapled the answer closed). The Beauty of this puzzle is that you can dig it out in a month or two and it is fresh again as you cannot remember the logic used first time.

As Einstein said he misspelled his name twice (I before E except after C) and maybe he is wrong in his 98% assumption not knowing logic.

Thank you. This one puzzle made my membership worthwhile.

Lloyd Winston Hall

Response :
Everyone at CSANews loves puzzles and Riddles too. Thank you for your suggestion, Mr. Hall, and if anyone has a favourite, please send it to us.

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