IRS Form 8840

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We have filed 8840 forms for a number of years now, having no U.S. income to declare. In Dec. 2016, my lucky wife won a jackpot in a Nevada casino and, of course, they withheld 30%. In Jan. 2017, she filed a U.S. tax return with an ITIN number, again with no other U.S. income and, in Feb. 2017, believe it or not got her tax rebate cheque. Question is, should she still file Form 8840 for 2016? Thanks for the advice.

Bill Naturkach
Fort Frances, ON

Response :
Ed.: Congratulations! It is relatively easy to get that 30% withholding tax back, as Bill proved. It just takes time. Always file the 8840, and keep a copy – no exceptions.

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