The "30-Day Limit"

Fall 2017 CSANews Issue 104  |   Posted date : Sep 11, 2017.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
If Canadian snowbirds can’t deduct their "allowed days" during short times back in Canada (i.e. for Christmas) unless the visit lasts for 30 days or the U.S. regulations also state for any SHORT trips by Canadians INTO the U.S. (say for taking a seven-day cruise out of a U.S. port and then returning to Canada after the cruise), that these trips LESS than 30 days ALSO do NOT count towards our 182-day limits??? If not, this legislation is totally one-sided!

Trevor Metcalfe
Collingwood, ON

Response :
Ed.: To clarify, there are no days counted if you are “in transit.” If you leave from Canada and return to Canada, but stay overnight in, say, Miami on the way there and back, these days DO NOT count. You are in transit. Your cruise is an excellent example. Most legislation is a mess in any event.

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