Angels Come in All Shapes and Sizes

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

"Angels come in all shapes and sizes"

A wonderful experience happened to us while travelling back north for the summer, we were on I-79 north of Pittsburgh when our car suddenly just quit in the middle of nowhere. No longer than three minutes after we pulled off the road, a fellow pulled over with a flatbed truck. This gentleman (Bud Wilson), after some discussion, decided he was going to load my car on his truck and haul me to a garage and get us back on the road.

Bud, with our car on the back of his flatbed, drove all over the back roads of US I-79 looking for a garage that would handle our request for repairs. On this particular Friday morning everyone seemed to be busy. The first six places we went to could not even look at the car until Monday or Tuesday. Three phone calls to other repair shops also proved fruitless. At the seventh repair shop we had a change of luck. We were at Minners Garage, on Schaffer Rd. in Mercer, Pennsylvania. This gentleman said yes, he could fix our car.

Now you have to remember, our car has been on the back of Bud's truck for about two or three hours, but Bud wasn't finished yet. When I asked Bud how much we owed him, he answered "Not a cent, but I'm not leaving here until your car is running and you're on the road."

The people of Pennsylvania should be proud and honoured to have such a good Samaritan in their midst. That's why I say, "Angels come in all shapes and sizes."

Thanks again, Bud!
Stan and Joan Pylatuk

Response :
We sent Bud a copy of this CSA News to say thank you from all of us. A copy was also sent to the PA Governor's office and perhaps they will consider him for one of their humanitarian awards!

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