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My wife is looking at getting implants at a dentist in Los Algodones and we are wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this, or if CSA has any recommendations with regards to this.

David Meace
Edmonton AB

Response :
Ed.: Our recommendation at this time is similar to the Canadian government's travel warnings – we do not think that travel to Mexico is safe right now. Please access this website for the most recent government updates -

We are aware of several snowbirds who received dental work in Mexico and, if you have a referral from someone who was treated by the same dentist, you will probably be pleased with the outcome, especially with the price. You should also be aware that the actual procedures and complications of treatment and/or anesthesia are not covered by any travel insurance policy. I would make sure that you get a guaranteed price, up front, as medical facilities in Mexico have been creating substantial difficulties for snowbirds, and for Medipac for that matter, over the past year or two. Exorbitant prices, refusing to release you from hospital, unauthorized charges on your credit cards, passport seizure and unnecessary tests, etc. are just some of our recent issues.

Just to be fair, several of the dental offices in Los Algodones are very highly rated and have excellent state-of-the-art equipment. Simply search the internet for “Los Algodones dentists” and you can see for yourself.

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