Status of Canada and U.S. exchanging individual data at border

Summer 2018 CSANews Issue 107  |   Posted date : Jul 31, 2018.Back to list

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Is the border data-sharing between Canada and the U.S. fully implemented, or have there been further delays? And just what data is being shared anyway?

Rick Moly
Calgary AB

Response :
Ed.: In order for the border data-sharing between Canada and the United States (known as the Entry/Exit Initiative) to become fully operational, Bill C-21 must be passed in the House of Commons and the Senate. Bill C-21 will allow Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to collect personal information, including name, date of birth, gender and nationality, on all individuals who are leaving or have left Canada. At the time of printing, Bill C-21 has most recently been called for a Third Reading in the House of Commons. At this time, under this program, information is only being shared on permanent residents and third-country nationals, not Canadian and American citizens.

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