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We flew from Toronto to Honolulu to board a Holland America cruise ship on the same day. Thirty-three days later, we arrived in Auckland, NZ. We flew back to Toronto via a San Francisco connection. How many of these days are considered being in the U.S. against our 182-day U.S. allotment. Does it make a difference if we decide to stay for two days in Honolulu prior to boarding the ship?

Anne Bell
Arthur, ON

Response :
Ed.: This is a very common question. In this specific situation, you would have to count zero days as you are “in transit.” If you wanted to stay for a day or two in Honolulu to rest before your great journey, most border guards would not count those days, either. Notice the word ”most,” as some border guards can be unpredictable. Always be courteous and do not argue or try to “teach” them the rules.

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