Real Estate Ownership in California

Spring 2019 CSANews Issue 110  |   Posted date : May 29, 2019.Back to list

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My husband and I bought a house in California two years ago, as "Husband and Wife as Joint Tenants." I’ve been reading some information recently that’s making me wonder if we should transfer it to a "Revocable Trust" to avoid costly probate and extraordinary fees. The purchase price was $168,000. The current value is more than $200,000. We will be making a living will as well. Thank you in advance for your advice on this.

Nancy Weisdorff
Saskatoon, SK

Response :
Ed.: Transferring the property to a trust would accomplish avoidance of probate fees, etc., but as to whether that is the best way for you, we cannot say. You should consult an estate attorney in California.

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