Florida Will and POA

Summer 2019 CSANews Issue 111  |   Posted date : Aug 08, 2019.Back to list

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I am writing to you regarding an article in Magazine Issue 110 regarding wills in the U.S. Your response was NO, one does not need a special will for the U.S.

I am attaching a letter which I sent to friends regarding an article in your summer issue last year. In it, you stated that you should have a U.S. will, and went on to add that a POA should be considered. This seems to be totally opposite to the current response.
Would you please revisit these responses and advise appropriately. Thank you,

Donald Adams

Response :
Ed.: We are very conscious of the conflict to which you have referred. The article in CSANews was written by the general counsel of the CSA, who is licensed in Florida and Ontario. Opinions on the matter can differ and you can make a choice as to which you choose to follow. A Florida will is not a necessity, although many lawyers will recommend that you have one. As to Power of Attorney, the CSANews article was fully explanatory.

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