Border Crossing with Children

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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

We are planning a short trip across the border to visit with our daughter and her family. We intend to bring along our great-grandson. Can you advise us what we need in documentation for him? Friends have told us that a letter from his mother authorizing us to have him travel with us will suffice, naturally with his proof of citizenship. Incidentally, we will be travelling by car. Thank you for the info.

Larry Salagan

Response :
According to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Web site, the child's birth certificate (or proof of citizenship) and a letter from his parents or guardians granting you permission to travel with him should be sufficient. Please be aware that customs officers watch for missing children and may ask detailed questions about the child travelling with you - don't be offended, be glad that they are taking the time to help keep children safe!

The pertinent Web site is located at the following link, if you'd like to read the information yourself:

Have a safe trip!

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