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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

As a member of CSA, I was hoping to get some information. I would like to rent a condo in south Florida next winter and am wondering how I can be sure that the person who is renting out the condo is the actual owner and it is not a scam. I saw his ad on a sight called

Also what should I look for in a rental agreement? Do you have any samples? What is a reasonable security deposit? How can I be sure it is returned to me?

Thank you,
David Druzin

Response :
The only way we can suggest to confirm that an ad is honest is to contact the local Chamber of Commerce and check with them as to the agency that is advertising. There is no standard rental agreement and the amount of deposit is really between the parties and will vary with the lease length. The agreement should clearly state the refund policy on all monies ­ and the policy re: damage or security deposits is very important, as well. Florida Law provides for certain rules which must be followed before a claim can be made against a security or damage deposit. If the rules are not followed, the whole of the deposit must be returned. We have always found that the best recommendations come from someone who has actually stayed there. You should ask for such references and call them to ask about their experience.

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