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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

Reading the winter issue of CSA News, I noted the various efforts on recruiting new members. After showing the issue to friends, most of them mentioned the many pictures of loving couples (front and back covers, inside pages, all the advertisements), arms around each other in affectionate poses. Wonderful if you are in that particular situation of married bliss, but not so great if you are alone. Is your magazine only geared to couples? Remember that we will all be widows and widowers sooner or later. Maybe a bit more inclusiveness would help magazine circulation.

Best wishes for future issues.

Maureen Applewhaite
Victoria, BC

Response :
Our first priority in the production of CSANews, and our special events, has always been to appeal to our loyal membership, some 75% of whom are married. We are very aware that CSA members lead many diverse lifestyles. As the CSA matures, it also evolves, and we believe that more and more people from Canada's diverse population will choose "snowbirding" as their lifestyle. We have already seen hints of this in our surveys and at our special events. Over time, we expect the "face" of the CSA will evolve as well. We hope you find this and future issues of CSANews to be a little more reflective of our association's diversity. Thank you for your support and your comments.

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