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Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

I have just spent 2 weeks in one of our Ontario healthcare facilities. I had a really hard time realizing that we are in the 21st century because sometimes in the ward it was like the dark ages. My wife had a double bowel resection. The operation was a success; the care afterwards was another story. One hears about how difficult it is for the nurses, but after spending 12 hour days in the hospital it is a real eye-opener. I felt I had to be there to ensure my wife was being taken care of. My biggest concern was that there seemed to be a general lack of communication as to what medication she was on, can she move, etc. Each new nurse coming on a new shift did not seem to have all the facts. I would sure like to see these politicians that make all the rules end up in a general ward with a lot of frustrated, overworked nurses taking care of them. Bottom line: take some of the money from the top and give the nurses more money and better working conditions. There is a desperate need now to remedy this situation.

Yours truly,
Bill Horgan

Response :
We believe it is absolutely necessary to take an active role in any health care environment. Your care for your wife was commendable and all too often people do not realize what must be done. With the current strains on our health-care system in Canada, an attitude of pro-active self interest is more important than ever. Hopefully, the politicians will start putting patient needs as a higher priority than the political health care "games".

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