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Winter 2005 CSANews Issue 57  |   Posted date : May 25, 2007.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
Dear Bird Talk,

The mail is in so I am now reading everything, cover to cover, with great interest in the CSANews Fall Issue 56. Donna Wilson's tip and story on the top of page 9 really did catch my eye regarding the blank cheque being cashed with no signature on it.

Believe it or not I had the very same thing happen to me several months ago when I was paying a bill and forgot to sign the cheque. It went through with no problem and the only reason I ever found out that I had not signed it was that I get all of my cancelled cheques back. I am from the old school and like to see my old cheques returned to me to check them off against my cheque book records and then to destroy them, my way, at home.

My point is that the editor stated that the electronic age is upon us and the personal care that we used to get from our banks is now one of the many casualties we face in today's world. But, not in every case, as I stated I am old school, but I now do business with TD-Canada Trust and they treat me with caring respect as I still go to my bank and visit the teller's window. You get to see real people that speak to you and carry out your business as other banks used to; they even phoned and polled me to see if I was satisfied with the service and attention given me during my once a month visits and, yes, I am. The only set back is I must drive 15 miles one way to get this kind of friendly caring service but it is worth every cent, plus my time.

Keep the great news coming - we all need it.

Sincerely, Louis Trepanier Retired, and a CSA member for a very long time.

Response :
Well, Mr. Trepanier, it is reassuring to read that, despite all the changes we face in the modern world, there are still some "good guys" left. We might have to look for them a little harder, or drive a little farther to get to them, but, they are still out there. I have personally dealt with most of the major banks over the years, and guess where I am now? – the TD, and very happy, as well. This is not a commercial, but a personal experience; I am sure that every bank has its "special" branches with those special people to help you.

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