Thanks Medipac!

Summer 2006 CSANews Issue 59  |  Posted date : May 28, 2007.Back to list

Dear Bird Talk,

I am 85 years old and have taken health insurance every year going south for the past 15 years. I often wondered what would happen if I needed help. While in Las Vegas, I broke my hip. I had wonderful treatment from the first phone call. Medipac took care of everything, even flying me back to St. Michael's for the operation. I always travel alone. So nice to feel safe.

Yours truly,

Betty Hilton

Thank you, Betty! We love to share happy stories and happy endings with our readers. A medical incident in a foreign country can be a very traumatic experience and that is one reason why Medipac has highly trained nurses and doctors answering our assistance lines. Their job is to" take your worry away".