Travel Insurance at its Worst, but not through Medipac!

Spring 2009 CSANews Issue 70  |  Posted date : Apr 30, 2009.Back to list

The more you travelā€¦the more you know that you need travel insurance. The more you learn about travel insuranceā€¦the more you know that you need Medipac!

The insurance article in our last issue told a wretched story of travel insurance at its worst. It was a true story about two snowbirds who did NOT purchase through Medipac, and its point was to help you understand the complications and intricacies that can arise from a serious medical situation while travelling. There are lots of insurance plans and there are lots of insurance companies but, believe me, they are all very, very different. Different policy wordings and different medical questionnaires; different in the way they respond to medical emergencies; different in the way they treat clients; and very different when it comes to paying your claim.

We had lots of letters and e-mails about the article and many people appeared not to know that these things could happen. I am sure that everyone has read their policy but, as they say, "the devil is in the details." These details can be used and interpreted in your favour, or they can be used against you. And that is why you need Medipac.

I ended last issue's article by saying that "my last recommendation is too obvious to state," but I wish to reconsider that based on your feedback. My strong recommendation is to purchase travel insurance every time you travel outside of your province of residence. I don't mean baggage insurance or trip cancellation insurance or flight insurance or any of the other types of insurance that are sold. There is little risk if you have a baggage claim or a trip cancellation claim and you must pay it yourself. These cost a few thousand dollars at most, and this is not enough to put your financial lives in jeopardy. My last recommendation is to buy travel MEDICAL insurance! And to buy it ONLY from Medipac!

Mr. Hall wrote in to say that "reading the article has made me realize that the chances of a successful claim in case of need are very slim," and said that he was considering travelling without insurance. Mr. Hall, you made the right decision over the past two years. You purchased Medipac. This was the right choice and the many issues raised in the article are not the way Medipac does business. Medipac received $15 million dollars in medical bills last year and we will settle them all to everyone's satisfaction. People who have lied to us and Canadian health-care "waiting line" jumpers are the only people who need have any concern with Medipac. They represent fewer than one half of 1% of the people who buy policies from us and this certainly does not include you.

Mr. Ramsay asks, "Does the Snowbird Association have any idea of the performance of Medipac in paying claims?" This is a very good question and emphasizes one more reason to buy Medipac. The CSA Board of Directors gets four reports per year on the Medipac plan's performance, and Medipac has several levels of appeal to deal with anyone who is unhappy with our service or our decisions. Every person who buys Medipac knows that they can complain to the CSA if they are not satisfied with Medipac's claim-handling and assistance services. CSA gets less than half a dozen complaints each year from dissatisfied members, out of the approximately 30,000 policies that we underwrite. These complaints end up on my desk and are resolved. This very, very high level of satisfaction is a tribute to our dedicated staff and our methods of doing business. I must put this in perspective for you! Two or three years ago, one of our competitors received more than 3,000 claim complaints, in one year. Medipac's track record is pretty in credible in comparison. This track record is one of the primary reasons that our Medipac program is endorsed by both the Canadian Snowbird Association and the Royal Canadian Legion.

And to Mr. Young and the several other readers who took the time to write to us about their messy experiences with other plans, I hope that you will buy Medipac this year. We will earn your business and we will treat you fairly. You really do need Medipac!