Common Sense

Summer 2000 CSANews Issue 35  |  Posted date : Mar 05, 2007.Back to list

We've all heard it ­ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Sometimes (and quite often), that ounce of prevention comes in the form of everyday common sense. Don't take safety for granted ­ ever.

In the kitchen, make sure that pot handles are turned in toward the centre of the stove. It's not just a common-sense habit that could save you serious injury; it can also prevent dangerous situations for a visiting grandchild.

Although a nice roomy shirt or blouse may be comfortable to wear while cooking, loose, floppy sleeves are recipes for disaster. When you're near a stove, make sure your sleeves are close-fitting and keep them away from the burners.

If you smoke (and we hope you don't!), make sure you wet the ashes in the ashtray before disposing of them. And of course the dangers of smoking in bed are quite evident by now, aren't they?

Finally, for those who are hearing impaired (even to a small degree), falling into a deep sleep may keep you from hearing a smoke detector sounding in the hallway. Place a smoke detector in your bedroom and speak to your audiologist or hearing-aid dispenser about options that are available to you, such as smoke detectors that use strobe lights as well as sound.