CSA Auto Home Insurance Plan

CSA Auto Home Insurance Plan Endorsed By CSAThe CSA Auto and Home Insurance Plan has been specifically designed and implemented for the members of the Canadian Snowbird Association.

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About Our Insurance Plans

Insurance may well be the single most expensive purchase you make in a year...every year. That's why it's important to consider the advantages of our Preferred Insurance Program. Simply put, with Group Services Insurance, you capitalize on the benefits of the CSA's purchasing power, with our highly competitive rates and enhanced coverages to match your snowbird lifestyle. You can choose an interest free payment plan that makes the most sense for you. And, you benefit from claims and customer service that provide the highest levels of professionalism, convenience and accessibility.

Instant Claims Response
We provide Instant Claims Response, within 6 hours or RSA will pay you $500 - no strings attached - through a convenient and toll-free 1-800 number, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-week, 365 days-a-year....from anywhere in North America.

Caring Customer Service
Our Customer Service Centre: Once you become a client of Group Services, this will be your unique source for reliable policy service and information. Simply call our toll-free dedicated number if you have any questions of if you wish to make a policy change. Our Centre is open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

Friendly and Courteous Quotations
Quick Quote: Group Services will provide you with an expert no obligation insurance quote and will assist you in developing a policy that meets your personal requirements. Just call us toll-free or drop your postage paid reply card in the mail and we'll call you 45 days prior to the expiry of your policy to assist you all your insurance needs.

Your Automobile Insurance Policy

While the basic automobile insurance policy is the same from all insurance companies, the service and options provided are not. Group Services Auto provides both innovation and service:

  • A $2 million liability limit is available upon request;
  • CSA Group and other discounts; inlcuding, Retiree, multi vehicle and multi-line discounts (available where applicable);
  • Low mileage rating classes;
  • Lifetime Guarantee Repair Program for those who use the RSA  preferred repair facilities and continue to insure with RSA
  • Quick and convenient repair appraisals.  Using digital technology, they guarantee that your automobile will be repaired quickly and properly;
  • Loss of Use and Liability for Damage to Non-owned Automobiles are packaged together for one convenient premium.
  • Agreement that your coverage will be honoured for extended out of province/country absences at no additional premium or surcharge
  • Valet claims service at no additional charge
  • Toll Free number for 24  hour claims reporting availability from Canada and the U.S.A.

Your Home Insurance Policy 

All homes are not the same, so why insure them with the same policy? With Group Services, you can count on flexibility. This means you can add options as you need them. Group Services Home provides solutions for your peace of mind:

  • Whether you live in a house, condominium or apartment, as an owner or a tenant, we offer a full range of options to meet your insurance needs;
  • Premium Discounts are calculated according to such criteria as your age, your policy deductible, the age of your home, years claims free, type of security system you have installed.
  • $2,000,000. Liability provided at no additional charge.
  • Umbrella Liability – the opportunity to purchase an additional layer of liability up to $5,000,000 to cover your home, cars, watercraft, recreational vehicles, etc.
  • Telephone Legal Assistance – a toll free number to access legal information for Canadian jurisdictions, provided at no cost to you
  • Identity Theft program –  at no charge to assist you if you fall victim to identity fraud
  • Pet Insurance – to help defray costs of accidental injury or death of your pet
  • Coverage for parents in nursing homes at no additional charge

Our program offers the following benefits for both auto and/or property policies:

  • No service fee for monthly Pre-authorized Installments
  • Earn Air Miles reward miles based on your auto and property premiums with RSA
  • Hassle Free Claims Service including service commitments, health management, guidance outreach
  • $500 Service Guarantee – if RSA does not return your call on a new claim within six (6) hours, they will pay you $500. without question.
  • Mobile claims reporting app that can be accessed through your Blackberry, iPhone or Android to speed up the claims process from wherever you are.

Easy Payment Options

Payment Option One allows you to pay your premiums through a series of 12 pre-authorized withdrawals, directly from your bank account, with no service or interest charges; Payment Option Two, the Direct Pay Plan, offers 1-3 instalments, depending on your preference and policy term; Payment Option Three, allows you to pay your premiums using Visa or Mastercard.