CSA Publications

  • Travellers' Report Card

    CSA Publication - Travellers' Report Card
    NEW -2018 Seventh Edition The Canadian Travellers' Report Card is an evaluation of government policy and practice for Canadians who travel.

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  • Alberta Election Handbook

    CSA Publication - Alberta Election Handbook
    On Tuesday April 16, 2019 the residents of Alberta will choose their next provincial government. As a member of the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA), now is the time to ensure your voice is heard! We don’t want election promises! We want fair treatment! Take the time to learn where your local candidates stand on these important issues. Do they support your right to travel? What will they do on your behalf?

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  • Medipac Travel Insurance Guide

    CSA Publication - Medipac Travel Insurance Guide
    The Medipac Travel Insurance Guide shares valuable information regarding the sometimes confusing travel insurance industry and products. This publication is made available to members of the CSA, by Medipac Travel Insurance; the only travel insurance to receive the exclusive endorsement of the CSA.

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  • CSA Member Handbook

    CSA Publication - CSA Member Handbook
    The CSA Member Handbook is a guide to the benefits and services provided by the Canadian Snowbird Association. The Handbook is also an introduction to the CSA and its many initiatives and successes.

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  • CSA Hurricane Checklist

    CSA Publication - CSA Hurricane Checklist
    CSA Hurricane Checklist
    Helpful tips and contact information for emergency responders, etc...

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  • CSA - Tax and Immigration FAQs

    CSA Publication - CSA - Tax and Immigration FAQs
    The Canadian Snowbird Association FAQs Fact Sheet will provide you with answers to the most asked questions pertaining to "snowbirding" in the United States. Topics covered include immigration, taxation, and Canadian residency requirements.

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  • CSANews Magazine

    CSA Publication - CSANews Magazine
    CSANews is the official publication of the Canadian Snowbird Association, and is mailed to members on a quarterly basis. The publication is also available for download onto members' computers and iPads, through iTunes.

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  • CSA Travellers' Checklist

    CSA Publication - CSA Travellers' Checklist
    The Canadian Snowbird Association is pleased to provide this travellers' checklist filled with handy tips on health, home and travel; an essential publication prior to departure and while travelling.

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  • CSA Travel Information Guide

    CSA Publication - CSA Travel Information Guide
    Fifth Edition: Rules and regulations - they are here for your review. The CSA presents this handy and informative members' guide to the rules and regulations of crossing borders, mindful that many members are concerned with the intricacies of travel between Canada, the United States and elsewhere. The CSA Travel Information Guide covers numerous travel-related topics.

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