CSANews Issue 92

Fall 2014 » Issue 92

As expected, many of the other travel insurance plans have implemented substantial rate increases this year. Their overhead costs and poor claims administration systems have finally caught up with them and rates appear to be up by 10-15% ? and sometimes as high as 50%. What a terrible way to treat your clients.

For years, many insurers have attempted to match our rates by providing poorer coverage, low benefit limits and very long and arduous pre-existing condition clauses. Some of them also were, and are, quite brutal in their claims denials. It reminded me of North Korea for some ridiculous reason, so we are highlighting South Korea in this issue, for fun. It sounds like a tremendously interesting place, and safe to boot. I am adding it to my bucket list.

Our Early Bird travel insurance sales have again smashed all previous records and we took more than 50,000 phone calls in the 45-day period. What a pleasure to have such great employees who pitch in and help at every turn, and stay late into the night to get your questions answered and your policies issued. People who care are hard to find and we have a lot of them.

Fall is upon us and I am already thinking about the things that we have to take with us when we go south. We always forget something, but we do seem to be getting better every year. I am a little excited, thinking what the future will bring.

We crossed another milestone recently by transferring more than $50 million dollars for our snowbird clients during the past year, through our Snowbird Currency Exchange Program. So if you still have some loose ends before your trip, give us a call and we may be able to help.

As always – travel safely!


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