Elections BC

Release date : Mar 05, 2013

The CSA Applauds Elections BC

Dear Snowbirds,

Elections BC has fulfilled its commitment to the CSA by improving access to voting rights and availability of government information. With these recent changes to both the vote-by-mail process and the information on the Elections BC website, Elections BC has made voting by mail easier for snowbirds absent from British Columbia.

Recent changes to the vote-by-mail process will allow British Columbia residents to request and receive their voting packages as early as March 25, 2013. This will provide absentee voters with more time to ensure their votes are received by the deadline of 8:00 p.m. on May 14, 2013. Please note, if you receive your package before April 16, 2013, do not complete and return your vote-by-mail package until April 16th or your vote will not be counted.

Additionally, Elections BC has recently updated the content on their website, including the section on “voting opportunities.” When accessed, the Elections BC website will provide snowbirds with the most current information and dates related to the upcoming May 14th election. The Canadian Snowbird Association recommends you visit the Elections BC website so that you fully understand your voting opportunities.

The Canadian Snowbird Association applauds Elections BC for fulfilling their commitment to improving the vote-by-mail process and accessing related information.

All the best,

Bob Slack, President

Rick Thorpe, Director – British Columbia & Alberta

“The Voice of Travelling Canadians”