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What is a Personal Health Record?

Personal Health RecordA Personal Health Record is an important document for any traveller. In the event of a medical emergency while travelling, a Personal Health Record can help unfamiliar medical professionals to quickly review your medical history and assess your condition. While your medical history may not explain a medical emergency, it will provide doctors a basic understanding of the conditions you have experienced in the past, any surgeries that you've had, drugs and medications that you have taken, or are currently taking, and any allergies, whether to food or certain types of medications.

A Personal Health Record is a document that contains personal information about you and your medical history. Health Records vary greatly, though the objective remains to communicate a medical history to attending doctors and nurses during a medical emergency, when a patient is not able to or is incapacitated. A Health Record should be complete in its review of a User's medical history, and it should be current.

CSA Medipac Personal Health Record

The CSA Medipac Personal Health Record is a free service ("Service") for members of the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA), as a member benefit, and registered Users of the website.

CSA members can create, edit and save two (2) individual Health Records, while registered Users can use the Service on a single use basis, only.

Registered Users cannot save any information entered into the Health Record; however, the Health Record created at the end of the session can be printed and or saved to the User's computer.

For registered Users, all data at the end of the session is deleted.

For CSA members, in order to delete all information on a particular Health Record, simply click the "Reset" button at the bottom of the Health Record review page. Where two (2) Health Records have been created, and a member wishes to delete all information, each individual record must be "Reset".

The information you enter into the Health Record is strictly confidential, is never sold or given to any non-related third-party entity, and is not used for any other purpose other than to provide this Service. Not all information is required. Enter only that information which you feel comfortable appearing on your Personal Health Record.

Below are the Terms and Conditions of Use for the CSA Medipac Personal Health Record. By using the Heath Record Application Users are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of Use, DO NOT launch or use the Heath Record Application.

For Paid Users
If you are a paid member of the Canadian Snowbird Association, you can save your work and return at a later date to make changes or print off your Personal Health Record to take with you on your travels.

For Registered Users
Registered users can create and print their Personal Health Record, but the information cannot be saved.

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Terms and Conditions of Use

The CSA Medipac Personal Health Record ("Service") is provided on an "as-is" basis, and the CSA and Medipac International Inc. ("Service Providers"), who maintains the website, make no claims as to the accuracy of the content provided or documents created as a result of using the Service, nor are any warrants or guarantees made regarding the use of the Service or any Personal Health Record created or edited using the Service. Where a CSA member or registered User or other individual, person or entity, including medical professionals, makes use of any or all of the functions of the CSA Medipac Personal Health Record, that usage is at the sole risk of that User, and said User holds harmless the Service Providers jointly and severally against any use or misuse or harm that may arise as a result of such use by the User or others including medical professionals. It is the sole responsibility of the User to review and ensure the accuracy of any Health Record created or edited using the Service.

The "Service" is defined as an online portal which contains forms wherein a User may enter personal information with the objective to create an electronic Personal Health Record which a User can take on his or her travels. Depending on the type of User, information can be saved and edited at a later time. The Service does not include any ware or service not specifically stated herein; in particular, the Service DOES NOT include any medical insurance, medical services or medical consultations or guarantees of medical services or levels of medical services of any kind, as a result of using any Personal Health Record created using the Service.

A "User" is defined as any CSA member or registered User of the website, and or their spouse or other individual listed, indirectly or directly, as a CSA member or registered User, or any individual that gains access to the website and or the Personal Health Record by any means, lawfully or not. Where personal information is entered about another individual by a User, it is assumed that the User has retained proper consent / permission from that individual to use said information for the purposes of creating (and possibly) saving a Personal Health Record on their behalf. If such is the case, the individual is deemed to be included in the definition of "User", as described herein and above, regardless of whether consent was provided to the User by the individual.

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