Special Action Fund

CSA - Special Action Fund

The Special Action Fund is a vital resource to be applied when a threat to the rights and privileges of our members is imminent. Every dollar donated is held in a separate account that is independent of the daily operating budget of the association. The Special Action Fund is utilized when the CSA does not have the time to seek donations, and must engage immediately in government lobbying and consultation.

In response to member feedback, in 2012 and 2013, the CSA lobbied the U.S. Congress to increase the amount of time that Canadian retirees could spend in the United States from six to eight months. As a result of our lobbying efforts, the “Canadian Retiree Visa” was included in multiple bills in both the Senate and House of Representatives. Currently, our proposal is being considered in both Houses.

Also in 2013, the state of Florida passed legislation which required foreign drivers to obtain an International Driving Permit in order to operate a motor vehicle. The CSA acted swiftly and successfully lobbied the Florida Legislature to repeal the requirement.

In 2002 the CSA appeared before the U.S. Congress to oppose the passage of a bill that would have limited Canadians to a 30 day visit to the United States. With the assistance of U.S. governors and major travel industry groups, the CSA successfully defeated this restrictive bill.

In each of these instances, the Special Action Fund was a vital resource to the association.

Is the ongoing war against terrorism and its effects on travel in and outside of Canada a concern to you?

Is the limit on the amount of prescription medication you can obtain at one time, despite travelling for an extended period, a concern to you?

Or, if you simply believe that your voice needs to be heard by government, help the CSA represent your interests when Canadian or U.S. legislation may negatively affect your ability to travel.

While we cannot predict the political future for travelling Canadians, we do know that it will be a road of unexpected twists and turns. We can navigate them with the Special Action Fund.

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