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Dear Bird Talk,

I immigrated to Canada some 40 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa and it is with great interest that I read the article from CSANews issue 67 (summer 2008). While Mr. Garrison is correct in extolling the many attractions of South Africa, he neglected to mention the one fundamental fact of South Africa.

That fact is that South Africa is a very violence-prone country. It is said that it has the highest murder rate in the world, after Colombia. The post-apartheid era has enticed millions of people from other parts of Africa to flee their own countries to seek refuge or opportunities in South Africa which are just not there. Desperate people, tsotsis (thugs), gangs and corrupt officials are the scourge of that beautiful land and tourists are not immune from acts of violence. In fact, they are targeted.

Visit South Africa by all means, but please be aware of the ever-present danger.

Kanti Makan
Cambridge, Ontario.

Response :
Ed: The article by Mr. Garrison was in no way trying to diminish the dangers associated with travel to South Africa and the caution which travellers should exercise when visiting South Africa or any international destination. While his experiences were extremely positive, we understand and appreciate your perspective. Travel safely, and travel well.

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