Canadian Pledge

Spring 2016 CSANews Issue 98  |   Posted date : Jul 15, 2016.Back to list

Bird talk - Le Jaseur
At our park, the residents often repeat their pledge of allegiance and were in the habit of holding a minute's silence to recognize Canadians. We determined that we are not dead so, rather than a minute's silence, we created the following Canadian Pledge:

“As Canadians, we honour our flag and the country for which it stands. As winter visitors, we will endeavour to uphold the laws and traditions of the United States of America. May the border between our two countries always remain free and friendly.”
It has been well received by our U.S. friends and we would like to share, so others may use it if they so desire.

Isobel W.
Millbrook, ON

Response :
Ed.: A very nice and meaningful gesture, now shared.

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