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I am a lifetime member of the CSA and have an issue that I am hoping you can assist me with. I have had a business make an unauthorized charge on my VISA card and they have refused to reverse the charge. I had given them my credit card information over the phone for a previous purchase and they retained the information and put through an additional charge. I have contacted VISA and they have informed me that it is my responsibility because I voluntarily gave out my information. I have filed written complaints with the RCMP, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Better Business Bureau. I am awaiting their responses to my complaints. At present, I am still out $3,089.67 for a charge that I did not authorize and I am paying the accompanying interest charges.

I would like to warn other CSA members of the dangers of giving out your credit card information over the phone to who you think may be a reputable business, and the repercussions of doing so. As it is, I may be out this money and the added interest charge. I thought that VISA would reverse the charge and recover it from the business, but apparently that is not the policy of VISA.

Doug McGiffin

Response :
Ed.: This is an issue close to my heart, as we had two unauthorized $3,700 charges placed on our VISA card last month. The charges were for two first-class tickets to New Zealand (wouldn’t that be nice). We moved up the line at our local bank and, eventually, three days later, the charges were reversed by the head office people. Strangely, they would not tell me who made the charges so, I guess, the crooks just walk away free! I would go back and start over at the branch. If that still does not work, I have been advised by my lawyers that we could file a small claims court case against the issuing bank, VISA and “John Doe.” They believe that the judge will force the bank to tell us who did the nasty deed and also, perhaps, force the bank or VISA to pay you back.

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