CSANews Issue 51 / Bird Talk

Issue 51 Summer 2004

Reputable Gas Stations
Posted date : May 10, 2007.
Reputable Gas Stations - Dear Sir or Madam; Coming home to Canada from Florida this spring, I had a bad experience. I stopped for gas as we came along Highway 10, between I....   Read more...

Hospital Bills - Negotiate Them!
Posted date : May 10, 2007.
Hospital Bills - Negotiate Them! - Dear Bird Talk, My husband and I spend winters in Hemet, CA, and both of us have had to have medical attention there, at our own expense. I was ....   Read more...

Distribution of CSANews
Posted date : May 10, 2007.
Distribution of CSANews - Dear Mr. Gerald Brissenden Our best wishes on your appointment as president of CSA. Thank you for dedicating your time and effort to the associatio....   Read more...