Issue 100

Fall 2016 » Issue 100

Milestones are to be celebrated. Your birthday, your anniversary, the birth of a child, graduation from school or college, or even milestones on the way to completing a difficult task are all important. In our own small way, we are celebrating our 100th issue of CSANews.

We have adapted and changed over the years, and usually for the better, but we will have to adapt even more in this digital age. Ten years from now, our children and grandchildren will probably be asking “What’s a newspaper?” The largest newspaper in Canada, the Toronto Star, is in serious financial trouble and the New York Times is being stressed to the limit. Hundreds of newspapers around the world have entered into bankruptcy protection or just shut their doors.

Well, I like holding a book in my hands – or a magazine such as this one – and we will continue to produce it. I have never been able to adapt to computer reading, or Kindles, or whatever else they may have out there now. I am very, very computer literate but I am very old school when it comes to my reading habits. We will attempt to bring you 100 more issues of a “hold-in-your-hand format,” but we are fully available on the Internet AND on your phone, if you so choose.

Congratulations to all of the people who make the CSANews magazine possible! Most of them have been with us from the beginning and we all learned together how to create this wonderful product for you, our wonderful readers.



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